Siviliserte menn ankom Sydhavsøyene bevæpnet med alkohol, syfilis, bukser og Bibelen.


Impressions and Comments (1924).


Civilised man arrived, armed with Alcohol and Syphilisand Trousers and the Bible. br />
Civilized men arrived in the Pacific, armed with alcohol, syphilis, trousers, and the Bible.

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The Pacific once hid in its wilderness a multitude of little islands upon which, as the first voyagers and missionaries bore witness, Primitive Man, protected by Nature from the larger world, had developed a rarely beautiful culture, wild and fierce and voluptuous, and yet in the highest degree humane. Civilised man arrived, armed with Alcohol and Syphilis and Trousers and the Bible, and in a few years only a sordid and ridiculous shadow was left of that uniquely wonderful life.

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Havelock Ellis

Nasjonalitet: britisk
Tittel: psykolog
Levde: 1859 - 1939

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