Svarer man at feminister er opprørske, utilfredse vesener som vil forstyrre den offentlige orden og velte samfunnets grunnvoller? Det ble også sagt om Jesus, det ble også sagt om foreldrene våre, det er blitt sagt om enhver reform.


Parafrase. Gjengitt i The Complete History of Women’s Suffrage (2017).

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Do not answer that woman’s position is now all her natural wants and emotions require. Our meeting here together this day proves the contrary; proves that we have aspirations that are not met. Will it be answered that we are factious, discontented spirits, striving to disturb the public order, and tear up the old fastnesses of society? So it was said of Jesus Christ and His followers, when they taught peace on earth and good-will to men. So it was said of our forefathers in the great struggle for freedom. So it has been said of every reformer that has ever started out the car of progress on a new and untried track.

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Feminisme Opprør

Frances Dana Barker Gage

Nasjonalitet: amerikansk
Tittel: reformator og feminist
Levde: 1808 - 1884

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