Flertallets mening kan bare være uttrykk for inkompetanse.


The Crisis of the Modern World (1927).


The opinion of the majority cannot be anything but an expression of incompetence.


L’avis de la majorité ne peut être que l’expression de l’incompétence.

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This now leads us to elucidate more precisely the error of the idea that the majority should make the law, because, even though this idea must remain theoretical - since it does not correspond to an effective reality - it is necessary to explain how it has taken root in the modern outlook, to which of its tendencies it corresponds, and which of them - at least in appearance - it satisfies. Its most obvious flaw is the one we have just mentioned: the opinion of the majority cannot be anything but an expression of incompetence, whether this be due to lack of intelligence or to ignorance pure and simple; certain observations of ’mass psychology’ might be quoted here, in particular the widely known fact that the aggregate of mental reactions aroused among the component individuals of a crowd crystallizes into a sort of general psychosis whose level is not merely not that of the average, but actually that of the lowest elements present.

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Flertall Mening

René Guénon

Nasjonalitet: fransk
Tittel: forfatter
Levde: 1886 - 1951

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